Council and other officers

The Council of Management is responsible for all aspects of the Society's activities. Individuals are elected at Annual General Meetings, acting as Trustees and Directors. The composition of Council and tenure of office are prescribed in the Articles of Association, as attached below. Council members are not paid.

Council members for the year 2016-2017:

President - Prof. M.D.I. Chisholm
Vice Presidents - C.E. Baslington, T. Grimes, B. Jarvie
Chairman of Council (elected annually by Council from among its members)- T. Grimes
Hon. Secretary - F.N. Casswell
Hon. Treasurer - Mrs. S.M. Barsley
Hon. Curator - Mrs. M. Hollanders
Hon. Membership Secretary - Mrs. S.M. Barsley
Librarian - D. Frazier Wood
Hon. Lanternist - C.E. Baslington
Hon. Lecture Secretary - H. Fuller
Hon. Curator of Coins & Tokens - M.H. Snowdon
Representative Members - I. Hoult, D. Mossman, E. Sneath, S. Watson, R. West

Supported by officers appointed by Council but not necessarily members of Council:
Deputy Curator - I. Hoult. Assistant Curator - P. Clay
Assistant Secretary - Mrs. S.J. Martinelli
Deputy Librarian - Mrs. M. Brassington
Curator of Archaeological Artefacts - R. Buck
Curator of Medals - Mrs. M. Hollanders
Curator of Philately - G. Darley

Numerous volunteers assist the Society in many ways, for example as museum guides and with the library. This assistance, vital for the running of the Society, is much appreciated by Council.


Please click below to view the Society's full Memorandum and Articles of Association as updated and amended at the Annual General Meeting held on 25th April 2014:

  • Memorandum & Articles of Association

    Please click below to view the Society's Annual Report and Accounts:

  • 2014 Report and Accounts

  • 2015 Report and Accounts