Council and Curators

A formal Council of Officers is formed from members elected at each Annual General Meeting who meet regularly to consider all aspects of the running of the museum, offering their time on a purely voluntary basis. The Articles of Association formalised in 1955,(a revised copy of which is attached below) dictates the make-up and serving periods of each Council position.

Council of Officers for the year 2014-2015:

President - M.H. Snowdon
Vice Presidents - T. Grimes, D. Mossman, Miss G. Tresidder
Chairman of Council - F.N. Casswell
Hon. Curator - T. Grimes
Hon. Assistant Curator - Mrs. M. Hollanders
Hon.Treasurer - Mrs. S. Barsley
Hon. Secretary - Prof. M. Chisholm
Hon. Membership Secretary - Mrs. S. Barsley
Hon. Curator of Coins & Tokens - M.H. Snowdon
Librarian - N.S. Ryan, supported by Mrs. M. Brassington
Hon. Lanternist - C.E. Baslington
Hon. Lecture Secretary - D.J. Mossman
Representative Members - F.N. Casswell, P. Dorr, Mrs. J. Gant, N. Gant, Mrs. M. Hollanders, I. Hoult, B. Jarvie, S. Watson, R. West
Co-opted Members - H. Fuller, S. Freeman
Supported by:
Curator of Natural History - E.J. Redshaw
Philatelist - K. Dobney
Assistant Librarian - Dr. J.W. Cleary
Volunteer Guides - M.J. Elsden, F.N. Casswell, B. Jarvie, T. Carter, G. Fitzgerald, P. Gorman, N. Law, T. Sauntson, T. Woodrow, S. Watson, I. Hoult, G.G. Buck

The museum could not function without the most gratefully received support and effort of all the volunteers.


Please click below to view the Society's full Memorandum and Articles of Association as updated and amended at the Annual General Meeting held on 25th April 2014:

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