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Can you help?

Now and again an object will be offered to the Society, or discovered hidden away amongst the many wonderous things in the museum, which cannot readily be identified. This may be the function of the item, its history or origins. We may include a description or photograph of any such objects on this page and would ask for your own opinion - whether just a guess or more reasoned or researched advice about it. Just use the Contact Us tab to let us know your views. Alternatively, of course, you could arrange a visit to the museum to see the object at first hand!

These pictures show a miniature pair of callipers and their metal container which have just been donated to the Society. The donor does not know what their original use might have been. Can anyone provide a suggestion?

The box is inscribed on one side "Rown Brothers of Gt Eastern Street London" and on the other "Terry's Patent Regd.
No 360457". Each leg of the callipers is inscribed "Terry's Patent".

  • Callipers picture 1
  • Callipers picture 2